Wedding photography at Laimer Urschlag

Wedding photography at Laimer Urschlag. You dream of a romantic and rustic wedding? Then Laimer Urschlag is the perfect venue for you to not only celebrate the start in a life together properly but also to make your wedding an unforgettable experience for everyone, not only for the bridal couple. At Laimer Urschlag, everybody will feel really comfortable during the preparations, the wedding and the memorable wedding ceremony. Can you imagine anything more beautiful? In case of an unforgettable wedding, the answer to this question is definitely no.


Wedding at a farmhouse parlor

It might sound strange to celebrate in a farmhouse parlor. However, Laimer Urschlag, the biggest farmhouse parlor in the Alps, is simply amazing, offering space for everybody. Plus, you have an indescribable view of the lake Wolfgangsee. This view alone will make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable experience. A very special highlight of this wedding venue is its absolutely beautiful location, from where you can always enjoy the fantastic view of the lake Wolfgangsee.


A very special atmosphere for the wedding

The venue Laimer Urschlag offers a very special atmosphere, which makes each wedding and wedding ceremony an unforgettable experience. This farmhouse parlor is, among others, made of centuries-old wood, creating a special atmosphere, which is typical for a farmhouse parlor. If the weather is nice and warm, the wedding ceremony can take place outdoors and carry on into the night.


Romantic wedding photos at Laimer Urschlag

There is a beautiful forest not far from Laimer Urschlag, which is ideal for shooting unforgettable and romantic photos and for shooting the bridal couple in a very special moment. Romantic memories and the love between to people can be captured in an impressive way. Laimer Urschlag is the perfect wedding venue for those, you have always dreamed of a wedding ceremony in a farmhouse parlor. It takes just one visit to succumb to the charm of this venue. This fact has also become known to the celebrities, who use this venue as a hotspot from time to time. The bottom line is that Laimer Urschlag is the perfect venue for experiencing a memorable day and, thus, for a wedding.

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