Standesamt Schloss Lamberg

wedding photographer at Schloss Lamberg Austria

Wedding Photographer at Schloss Lamberg Austria. Every woman dreams of spending the most beautiful day in her life at a castle and getting married there. Last Saturday, this wedding dream become true for a wonderful bride, who tied the knots with her husband-to-be at a beautiful venue. The conditions for getting married that day were absolutely perfect. It was a warm and sunny day with temperatures around 20 degree, ideal for starting a life together. Three years ago, I was lucky to shoot at the wedding of the groomsman and the maid of honor. On that day, it was about closing this circle. The air was full of excitement and romance.


The day started early in the morning with the getting ready of the bride. This highlight took place at the Christkindhotel, a beautiful hotel with an even more beautiful and suitable name. After the bride’s getting ready for her husband-to-be, the civil marriage took place at 11 am at Schloss Lamberg. Following this emotional moment, there was a champagne reception at the Orangery Steyr, at which the bridal couple and the guests took a short rest and paused for a moment before the letting go of the balloons and the couple’s photo shoot in the park. Afterwards, the church marriage took place in the wounderful Christkindkirche and fascinated everybody. Not only the bridal couple was overwhelmed by emotions. Also many guests burst into tears. Then it was time for the group shots and the last course. But what would a wedding be without a party? Of course, the party took place in the evening. The band Just4Music was hired to provide the music and set the mood. And to the strains of the one or other romantic song, this wedding came to an end.


Standesamt Schloss Lamberg Standesamt Schloss Lamberg Standesamt Schloss Lamberg 22_Fotografin-Steyr-Standesamt-Schloss-Lamberg-Sandra-Gehmair 28_Fotografin-Steyr-Standesamt-Schloss-Lamberg-Sandra-Gehmair 29_Fotografin-Steyr-Standesamt-Schloss-Lamberg-Sandra-Gehmair

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