Wedding photographer at Schloss Fuschl Salzburg Austria

Wedding photographer at Schloss Fuschl Salzburg Austria. Ever dreamed of a very special wedding ceremony? Schloss Fuschl makes your wedding dreams come true, offering a beautiful venue not only for tying the knot but also for creating lasting memories. Indulge yourself in the luxurious and special ambience of the castle and its premises. The wedding at Schloss Fuschl was something special both for our team and the bridal couple. The guests were transported directly to the castle in two beautiful old timer busses provided by Sattledt, while the bride and the groom were getting ready for the most important day in their lives in suites made available to them. As not only the two important persons are supposed to look beautiful on this day, also the closer relatives of both bride and groom had been prepared for this special occasion. Only when the bride was ready for this important day, the groom was allowed to have a look at his wife-to-be. Of course, Tom also had a present for his wife-to-be. The joy way great and also Lisa had a suitable and particularly useful present for her husband-to-be. In a very touching moment, she gave her groom a pair of personalized cufflinks.

It was an outdoor wedding ceremony. The beautiful décor was emphasized by the natural beauty of the surroundings. Although the first raindrops had started to fall, the bridal couple got married without the ceremony being interrupted by a rain shower. The weather, however, also gave rise to a funny moment. The strong wind blew away the registrar’s marriage book, a paper, which had recently been signed by the married couple. So much happiness and humor can mark nothing but a good start in a marriage. Following the register office, food for the hungry was served at an outdoor champagne reception and the tension was relieved. The right moment for cutting the wedding cake. As if there were a better moment for doing so.

A little later, the weather god changed his mood and sent some raindrops. However, the rain could not discourage the bridal couple from having the planned couple shooting. The photos of the friends were taken in the beautiful tower suite. The short break came in useful to the bridal couple and the guests and they were transported to the church again. Such a moment is even more beautiful when the two years old son is the ring bearer. The group photo was taken in front of the beautiful castle. Thus, the marriage at Schloss Fuschl will not only stick in everybody’s memory but will also be captured with a photo until the end of time. The room was beautifully decorated for the bridal couple and the guests and created an absolutely romantic atmosphere, the ideal backdrop for eating and celebrating. The marriage was crowned with the emotional wedding dance and beautiful fireworks. The most beautiful start in marriage is to marry at Schloss Fuschl.

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