Hochzeitsfeier Schloss Mondsee

Wedding at Schloss Mondsee Photography | Austrian photographer


Wedding at Schloss Mondsee Photography | Austrian photographer. Actually, it was like a wonder that I was able to be at this wedding. 2 months before, I was still supposed to be at the wedding fair in Salzburg, which took place on the date of the wedding. But since I was totally busy with photographing weddings at that time and had already been booked for quite some weddings in the following year, I needed a short brake and cancelled the fair. One week later, I received an email inquiry from Wolfang.


This was the 24th wedding for this year and 2 more weddings were planned. Wolfgang und Theresia had chosen the beautiful Schloss Mondsee as wedding venue. Theresia wore a lovely short wedding dress made of finest lace. Both spread such a comfortable and relaxed mood. Despite the late October day, the weather was nice so that we took off our waistcoats and almost got a nice tan.

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