Beautiful intimate wedding photography at Schloss Kremsegg Austria

Beautiful intimate wedding photography at Schloss Kremsegg Austria. At the beginning of May, I was booked to shoot the wedding photos of Julia and Christopher at Schloss Kremsegg. Just a few days ago, it was both snowing and sunny, but on the wedding day itself, we were lucky with the weather and the wedding took place outdoors in the yard of Schloss Kremsegg. The getting ready had taken place before at the farm of Julia’s parents, where cows, cats and the family had given us a warm welcome.



We did not have much getting-ready time, since Christopher, the groom, had arrived earlier than planned. However, the girls took their time for getting ready.

Liquor and champagne was served prior to the bridal couple shooting. They had already told me in our preliminary talk one week ago, that they don’t like too much posing. Me neither. I prefer natural photos. I was surprised how much fun the couple shooting was. They were open-minded and relaxed and I simply enjoyed it as much as they did according to their feedback. It was so much fun that the shooting at the wedding in the evening took 2 hours longer than originally planned.



We first went to the Park Bad Hall, an ideal location for outdoor shoots when the weather is nice. We also made some wedding photos at Schloss Kremsegg. Then the first guests arrived.

As Julia’s and Christopher’s wedding was an intimate wedding ceremony, we had more time to shoot more photos of each couple and family.



The outdoor wedding ceremony in glorious sunshine was really beautiful and since the ceremony took place in the yard of Schloss Kremsegg, we were protected from the cold wind.

The wedding guests headed in a convoy to the Ganglbauer family, 10 minutes away from the castle, a farm with a nice view surrounded by nature. I was happy to see Roman and Jola from Haidinger Catering again. We had worked with them several times before and it is always nice to see familiar faces again.

It was a high-spirited and cozy evening and ceremony, a beautiful wedding, which we were happy to attend.


18Fotografin-Sandra-Gehmair-Schloss-Kremsegg-Hochzeit 20Fotografin-Sandra-Gehmair-Schloss-Kremsegg-Hochzeit 32Fotografin-Sandra-Gehmair-Schloss-Kremsegg-Hochzeit 33Fotografin-Sandra-Gehmair-Schloss-Kremsegg-Hochzeit 40Fotografin-Sandra-Gehmair-Familie-Ganglbauer-Hof-Hochzeit 43Fotografin-Sandra-Gehmair-Familie-Ganglbauer-Hof-Hochzeit 54Fotografin-Sandra-Gehmair-Sonnenuntergang-Hochzeitsfotos

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