Wedding at Johanneshof Naarn

Johanneshof Naarn is a very special venue for the wedding ceremony, an idyllic place on earth, which is nothing but inexpressibly beautiful and romantic. At this venue, nature and beautiful constructions are united in an impressive way, creating a venue and an atmosphere one might wish for on the wedding day. The wedding can take place at the own yard or another venue, however, Johanneshof is the ideal venue for spending some nice time with the wedding guests. There will also be enough time left for the two of you. But first things first.

The civil wedding took place at the own yard, where the registrar was ordered to. The church wedding took place in the parish.


Celebrating in a cozy atmosphere

Once you have visited Johanneshof, you will never think of another venue for celebrating your wedding ceremony. To make a long story short: It is absolutely beautiful. Some more information? No problem! Johanneshof was built in the 16th century. Such a long story goes hand in hand with traditions on which emphasis is put at this venue, for example to guarantee that the bridal couple enjoys a relaxed and memorable day. This tradition is followed continuously. Whether you want your wedding to be elegant or rustic – Johanneshof is the ideal venue. Furthermore, the venue offers a congeniality, which is not only important at a wedding. The beautiful garden with the nice plants as well as the stone vault can also be used for the wedding. At Johanneshof, nostalgic charm meets modern comfort, which also plays an important role at a wedding.


If you are looking for a wedding venue where you will feel totally at ease, then Johanneshof is a great choice. Here you find everything you need and maybe even a bit more.

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