Wedding at the manor Groß Höllnberg

The manor Groß Höllnberg is the right place for you and your guests to enjoy a beautiful and, in particular, unforgettable wedding ceremony. Start your life together at this unique venue. The view of the beautiful nature makes everybody’s heart skip a beat. The rustic furnishings and some hunting trophies make the venue an eye-catcher. Beautiful and healthy trees constitute the perfect background for unique wedding photos, since the bridal couple should be deeply rooted in its live together, just as the trees.



First the civil wedding, then the wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony can be celebrated at the manor Groß Höllnberg, whereas the bridal couple should tie the knot at the registry office at Schloss Orth. After all, everything should be as it is supposed to. The mere appearance of Schloss Orth invites you to get married there. The castle is an impressive but still romantic backdrop for bridal couples to exchange their vows and jointly plan the new chapter of their life. The wedding room at this register office is one of the most beautiful in Austria, thus guaranteeing that the start in a life together is accordingly relaxed and, in particular, romantic. If you also wish a bit more atmosphere for making your wedding preparations, you should go for the venue Freisitz Roith at the lake Traunsee. Not only that it sounds great, it IS great. If you search for idyll and beauty, this venue is the right place for you. Everybody will be quickly enchanted by it. The venue offers a memorable view of the lake Traunsee, which alone is worth a min. It is something you don’t get to see every day. Thus, Freisitz Roith at the lake Taunsee is the right venue for the wedding preparations. The picturesque backdrop will cast a spell over everybody and ensure an unforgettable stay at lake Taunsee.


The wedding ceremony at the manor Groß Höllnberg

In case of good weather, the manor Groß Höllnberg is an excellent backdrop for shooting memorable wedding photos. The wooden bridge and the impressive manor house are ideally suited for putting the bridal couple in the limelight in a romantic way. The simple but still very stylish furnishings of the manor house give the venue its charm, to which not only the bridal couple won’t be immune. This manor is simply the ideal venue for a wedding ceremony, which will surely be remembered by everybody. For There is no more beautiful start in a life together than wildly celebrating into a shared future at the manor Groß Höllenberg.

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