Outdoor wedding photography at Veda Hof Linz Austria

Outdoor wedding photography at Veda Hof Linz Austria. Countryside wedding at Veda Hof Linz

A civil wedding does not always have to take place indoors. There are some venues, for example Veda Hof, offering the possibility to have an outdoor wedding. Veda Hof in Gramastetten near Linz has gone one better: The wedding will take place in the middle of a huge pond, meaning in the countryside, surrounded by trees and many unique details. Many religions are united at this romantic location, which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Alps.

Veda Hof offers numerous possibilities for small and big wedding societies and the ones exclusively book Veda Hof. The special thing about it is that the marriage, dinner, party and overnight stay take place under a single roof in a unique environment.


Doris and Mario also tied the knot at Veda Hof.

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