5 reasons for tying the knot at Veda Hof

Wedding at Veda Hof

The wedding day is the most beautiful day for a couple in love. On this day, absolutely everything need to be perfect. Thus, it is also important to carefully choose the venue for the wedding and the wedding ceremony. Veda Hof, for example, is a beautiful venue for a memorable wedding. But why should you tie the knot at this venue?


Reason # 1: The unique location

A wedding is supposed to be an unforgettable experience for everyone. In this connection, the venue plays also an important role. Veda Hof offers both the bridal couple and the guests an atmosphere which will certainly not be easily forgotten. The untouched nature at Veda Hof appeals to all of the senses.


Reason # 2: Outdoor wedding

Ever dreamed of getting married in a church? Your wish comes true at Veda Hof. An outdoor wedding, however, is even more beautiful and, in particular, more individual. The ceremony will be an unforgettable experience for both the bridal couple and the guests and will likely give rise for tears of joy.


Reason #3: A great location for photos.

Photos which capture the most important moments are part of each successful wedding. However, an appropriate environment is crucial for making the most beautiful and, in particular, most individual photos. Veda Hof offers exactly this environment. It is not only perfect for shooting beautiful and emotional photos of the couple but also for shooting group photos. This way, lasting memories take on a totally own meaning and remind you again and again of the most beautiful moments of the wedding.


Reason #4: You may plant a tree

Veda Hof offers the bridal couple a special highlight: The couple can plant a tree. A tree is not only a symbol for life but also for a new beginning. And there is no better way of emphasizing the start of your life together than by planting a tree. The tree will grow, just as your marriage will. And the bridal couple has a good reason to visit Veda Hof again: to see how the own tree is doing.


Reason #5: The lavender labyrinth

The lavender labyrinth is another highlight at Veda Hof. The beauty of the purple plants will not only impress and enchant the couple in love. Think of the bridal couple walking separately through the labyrinth and finding each other at the end: A nice symbol indicating that it is easier to overcome difficult situations in life together.


Thanks to its surroundings and atmosphere, Veda Hof offers a romantic and unique scene for a wedding. The bridal couple and the guests will remember this unique experience for a long time.


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